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While Age UK Lambeth is not primarily a campaigning organisation, we are keen to support others that are, if they are looking to affect the lives of older people across the borough positively. 

It's vital that decision-makers in Lambeth and London engage with Lambeth's older residents to ensure that their knowledge and experience are heard. It is for this reason that we support the work of Age UK London,  a campaigning organisation actively striving to get the voices of older people heard.

Additionally, we often support campaigns from the national charity, Age UK, as they try and influence national policy. 

Through our Community Development work, Age UK Lambeth will directly offer support to local campaigning groups and help them get their voices heard locally. 

Occasionally we will even lead a local campaign directly, but these are usually "public health" type campaigns. A great example of this is our annual Winter Warm and Well campaign.

  • "Living in Fear" - Older Private Renters

    The research findings from Age UK London's Older Private Sector Tenants Programme - funded by The Nationwide Foundation.

  • Painful journeys

    The Government needs to urgently review the way older people travel to and from hospital.

  • Warm and Well in Winter

    The Age UK Lambeth Winter Warm and Well campaign is designed to reduce the number of older and vulnerable people, who become so ill that they require admission to hospital.