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Daybreak is ideal for older people in rural locations for whom traditional day care is less appropriate.

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Daybreak daytime care offers social time and a hot meal in a host carer's home. The groups are smaller and in a more intimate setting.

What is daybreak?

Daybreak care is provided by trained local people in their own homes who act as host carers offering a range of stimulating social activities which promote independence and encourage people to maintain everyday skills. In addition to providing intensive support to people who use the service, the daybreak scheme provides respite for carers.

Where is daybreak available?

We currently run a group in Barwell.

Is this service free of charge?

No. You can join on a self-funding arrangement, which means we would invoice you directly. 

If you have a personal budget from the local authority, as a result of a care needs assessment, you should tell your social services contact that you would like to attend a day care group. Payment would then be made from your personal budget.

How can I join a Daybreak group?

To join a group is straightforward.

  • If you have a personal budget as a result of a needs assessment, you should tell your social services contact that you’d like to join one of our groups.
  • If you would like to join on a self-funding arrangement (where we invoice you directly for your days with us), you should call our care services team on 0116 222 0572 or 0116 222 0558. Or alternatively email:

One of our Care Services team will then visit you at home to discuss your needs, which may include help with transport, specific dietary needs, medication prompting or a request for specific activities. We then arrange your first visit and introduce you to the team of DBS checked staff and volunteers who run the centre.

Further Information

Our Daybreak Leaflet provides more information on this service.