Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland are able to offer events, demonstrations and courses to introduce Digital Technology to older people and make getting on-line fun and enjoyable. A list of our February 2018 sessions can be found here, and our March 2018 Sessions here. We are also holding free one-to-one technology help sessions at Fearon Hall in Loughborough on the 27th March.

Many of us use digital technology without realising it. If you have a TV with remote control, use a cash machine or a mobile phone, and then you are already using Digital Technology. In fact digital technology seems to be everywhere and everyone seems to be on line and for people who do not use the internet it is becoming harder to get in touch with businesses, pay bills, stay in touch with family and friends and pursue favourite hobbies.

Government Services such as Pensions, Road Tax, Benefits etc. are switching to Digital by Default which means it’s easier to deal with them on-line.

Getting online can help you to:

• Find the best deals and save money on products and services
• Search for local events, activities and groups
• Keep in touch with family and friends
• Keep track of your finances
• Order the weekly groceries
• Get up to date information and advice
• Watch favourite movies or TV shows
• Order a Taxi……or a takeaway!
• Get in touch with businesses and other organisations

We have events and workshops throughout the city and county.  Please contact us to discover what’s going on in your area or keep an eye out for our posters in your local community. Whether you’re a complete novice, or need a little extra help, our support makes learning to use technology and the internet fun and rewarding.

Contact Summaya on 0116 2237371 for more information.

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Would you like to support older people to get on-line?
Become a volunteer Digital Champion for Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland.  You don’t need to be a computer genius as long as you can search the internet and send emails and demonstrate empathy and understanding.  This is a flexible volunteer role with no regular commitment and we particularly would like to hear from volunteers with ideas about events in their local communities.

Please contact Sumayya on 0116 2237371

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