“Currently, a million people over 65 feel lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’
and 3.7 million people live alone, many with no means of getting
out and about.”

“Currently, a million people over 65 feel lonely ‘often’ or ‘always’and 3.7 million people live alone, many with no means of gettingout and about.”

Social isolation and loneliness affects a person’s quality of life.

Life changing events such as becoming housebound, losing your carer or your partner, not having your family around you during the day or a change in your health and your ability to get out and about can disconnect you from the outside world and leave you feeling lonely. Often people do not want to ask for help but no one wants to be lonely every day.

How we can help?

Age UK Leicester Shire and Rutland is working together with your GP to help you overcome social loneliness. The Loneliness Prescription Service is a new, FREE and confidential service. We aim to work with you to understand and identify your needs, and how you wish to be supported.

We can support you by offering a wide range of services, such as:

  • One-to-one support to find you someone you can trust and talk to
    on a regular basis.
  • Sign-posting you to information and advice services.
  • Providing you with information of other activities that are happening
    in your local area.
  • Supporting you to access other services that may be of interest.


How can I access this service?

You can get more information on this service from the Loneliness
Prescription Project Coordinator, Yasmin Shaikh on 0116 223 7367.

You can also talk to your GP, or other staff member at your GP surgery, and they will provide you with more information.

This project is funded through the Big Lottery and is available in specific areas of Leicester City.

If you are finding yourself lonely or isolated elsewhere in Leicester,
Leicestershire or Rutland, please contact us on 0116 299 2233 as we
may be able to help you with alternative projects or support options from
Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland and other local charities.