The Wellbeing Service supports people to feel confident within their home. The service aims to help people live long, healthy, independent lives.

Anyone can refer to the service, and others can refer on your behalf. Your adviser will support and advise you throughout the process to ensure you feel informed and involved. We will require some basic details to enable an referral to take place, but this will only be done with your consent.

Within 3 days of receiving the referral, an assessor will telephone you or your preferred contact to arrange a face to face meeting. This assessment will be led by you and your needs, with the focus being on the outcomes required to support you.

Making a referral

Anyone can refer to the service. If you do not want to make the referral for yourself, any of the following can make a referral for you with your consent:

- Friend or family member

- Carers

- Hospitals, GPs or other medical professionals

- Social Services

- Charitable organisations

During a referral

Based on the information provided by the caller, your advisor will identify the most appropriate pathway for you and will either provide information, or refer you to the appropriate service.  

Information Required

The Customer Service Centre will require some information about the person who requires support and the caller, such as:

- Your name, address and telephone number

- Contact details for your preferred contact, if not yourself

- The caller's name, telephhone number and their relationship to you

- The reasons for the referral

Wellbeing Service Assessors

The Wellbeing Service Assessors are trained to holistically assess and help you identify your ideal outcomes. The assessors have a wide range of experiences, including knowledge of the local community and practical information, to help tailor the plan to your needs.

The Wellbeing Service Assessors are employed by:

- East Lindsey District Council

- North Kesteven District Council

- Lincs Independent

Living Partnership Assessment

Within 3 days of receiving the referral, an assessor will telephone you or your preferred contact to arrange a face to face meeting. The assessment would usually be held at the customer’s home although a mutually acceptable location can be arranged if you prefer. The assessment will be led by you and the assessor will support you to explore the options available.

The assessment will consist of:

- A discussion between you, the assessor and anyone else you wish to be present.

- Measurements for equiptment and adaptations will be taken.

- Suitability for the installations of equiptment will be checked.

- You may need to show your assessor how you manage to ensure that the correct equiptment is provided.

- Home safety checks will be conducted to identify where hazards can be minimised.

The assessment may result in receiving a service directly from the Wellbeing Service (as listed below), or it may be that the Wellbeing Service supports you to access more specialised services.

- Advice on how to access relevant services or information

- Generic support - Minor adaptations

- Simple aids for daily living

- Telecare - assistive technology

- Wellbeing Response Service

At this point, you may need to sign to say you consent to referrals being made to other agencies. You will receive a copy of your assessment and any other support documents. To find out more or to make a referral please contact the Lincolnshire Wellbeing Service on 01522 782140.