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Sage Kitchen provides fresh, homemade meals straight to your door!

Order for yourself or know those close to you are getting the nutricious, hot meals they need.

  • Nutritious and delicious homemade meals created and cooked by our experienced team.
  • We are a local independent trusted charity working towards creating a world where older people flourish. We understand the imporance of good food to remain well as we get older.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, designed to be safe and accessible for all with easy heating instructions.
  • Allergy aware and each order can be tailored to suit each individual.
  • Choose from mini, standard or large portions.
  • Friendly and reliable delivery drivers 

Each menu is £32.50

For £5 off your first order, use the code Sage 20

*Free delivery subject to local area radius - please enquire for more information 


View our delicious and varied menu here


Place your order for our meal delivery service here