Age UK London had a fantastic time visiting The Soho Hotel to view the film adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel Ethel and Ernest. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group partnered with Age UK London to welcome forty-five older people to watch the movie, which tells the true story of Briggs’ own parents.

Ethel and Ernest

Ethel and Ernest are two ordinary Londoners who live through a period of extraordinary social change in the twentieth century. The film allows us to witness the defining moments of the century, from the Great Depression, to the onset of World War II, right through to the moon landing of 1969.

The heart-warming and bittersweet movie resonated hugely with our audience, with the vast majority of scenes touching upon the real-life experiences of many older Londoners. Several attendees commented afterwards on the relatability and the poignancy of the story, both of which meant there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The Soho Hotel was a wonderful setting in which to watch the film, with incredibly comfy armchairs and sofas for all to relax in.

Ethel and Ernest is beautifully animated and brought to life by a stellar cast, featuring (amongst others) Jim Broadbent and Brenda Blethyn in the title roles, with Luke Treadaway taking on the role of Raymond.

A humorous and poignant story, Ethel and Ernest is available to watch on BBC1 at 19:30 on Wednesday 28th December. Alternatively you can pick up the DVD upon release on January 2nd 2017.