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This year, Age UK London’s winter vaccine campaign will support older Londoners, including those most at risk from flu and Covid-19, with information on the benefits of both the flu vaccine and the Covid-19 booster and how they can be accessed. 

Now, more than ever, get your free winter vaccines and protect yourself and those around you.

Download our winter vaccine toolkit

Our winter vaccines toolkit has all the facts and figures about the flu jab and the Covid-19 booster and will give you all the resources to run a winter vaccines information session yourself.

London still has the lowest take up rate of flu vaccine and Covid-19 vaccine. This year, Age UK London carries on with its "Now More Than Ever" campaign (a focused promotion of both the flu and Covid-19 vaccines across London), with a particular focus on BAMER communities, those in poorer areas and those with long-term conditions. 

It is likely that flu viruses as well as the virus that causes Covid-19 will both be circulating this winter. Catching flu and Covid-19 seriously increases the risk of being hospitalised, ending up in intensive care or even dying. This is particularly the case for those with long-term conditions and older Londoners from BAMER communities - who experienced worse health outcomes from Covid-19. 

To book your free winter vaccines, please talk to your GP or pharmacist. You can find your local GP by clicking here and your local pharmacist by clicking here.

For more information on how to stay safe this winter, you can take a look at Age UK's Winter Well campaign and resources here.