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Whether you have an official charity of the year scheme or are just looking to hold a small event, fundraising at work can be a great teambuilding activity which also raises money for your favourite cause.

If you would like to discuss fundraising at work then please call Claire on 020 8648 5792 or email

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Dress down/dress up day: staff wear casual clothes, evening wear or costumes to work for the day and make a donation to Age UK Merton. If you work in a smart customer facing role you could always have loud tie, or crazy socks and tights day instead.

Raffle: Get your prizes donated and hold a raffle.  You may want to theme your raffle e.g. Easter or Christmas

Jargon box/swear box: Put an Age UK Merton collection tin in your office and every time someone uses jargon or swears they get fined!

Sponsored activity: Choose a sponsored activity your staff will love, like leg wax the hairiest man, get the boss to sit in a bath of beans or get the office chatterbox to do a sponsored silence.

Cake Club: Take it in turns to bake a cake once a week and collect donations for a slice.

Sweepstake: If there is a big sporting event coming up or even if a colleague is having a baby then start a fundraising sweepstake.  The winner keeps half the money with the other half coming to Age UK Merton.