Our advocacy service helps empower and enable all people 18 and over to make changes to their lives.

Older lady on the phoneWhat is advocacy?

Advocacy is

  • Speaking up for, or acting on behalf of yourself or another person.
  • Helping you to understand what you want, secure your rights and obtain services which you need.
  • Working in partnership with you.
  • Promoting social inclusion, equality and social justice.

Our advocacy service could help if you

  • Feel that decisions are made for you instead of with you.
  • Feel you are being ignored.
  • Feel you are not taken seriously.
  • Find it difficult to speak up for yourself.
  • Feel unsure of the choices/options available to you.

Our Advocates can help you to

  • Make your own views and wishes more clear.
  • Express and present your views effectively.
  • Obtain independent advice and accurate information.
  • Negotiate and resolve conflict.
  • Take responsibility and control for the decisions which affect your life.

What will the Advocate be like?

  • Clear thinking and focused.
  • Non-judgemental.
  • Able to listen and communicate.
  • Patient.
  • Empathic.

The St Helens Information & Advocacy Resource (SHAIR) advocacy service is free, confidential and impartial. It is available for people aged 18 and over living in the St Helens borough.

We are able to support people who have the ability to instruct the advocate but with no family or friends to support them.

For more information on the service, please contact us using the details below.


Advocacy service

Phone: 01744 454 530

Email: enquiries@aukmm.org.uk

The advocacy service is only available to people living in St Helens.