Age UK Milton Keynes works with other organisations, both public and private, in order to provide the services that local older people tell us they need.

Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group - the Age UK Milton Keynes Hospital Aftercare Service is being funded for three years and works closely with Milton Keynes Hospital to provide support to people when they are patients on a hospital ward or in A&E.  Our staff also take people home from hospital and can provide practical support for up to six weeks after discharge.

E.On - the Age UK Milton Keynes Handyperson Service is being funded to provide free energy checks and energy efficient products to residents of Milton Keynes.  This partnership will run until April 2018.

West Bletchley Council - funds three weekly advice sessions by our Information & Advice Service for residents in their parish.

Woburn Sands Town Council - funds a weekly advice session by our Information & Advice Service in their parish.

The Open University - Age UK Milton Keynes is taking part in a project 'Investigating the role of wearable activity-tracking technologies in the well-being and quality of life of people aged 55 and over' which has received funding from Sir Halley Stewart Trust.

Parvathy Harilal - PhD student at the faculty of Well-being Education and Language studies (WELS), The Open University would like to know the experiences of people aged 60 and over, living in the UK, using digital resources to manage their health.  She would also like to hear from people who do not like using such resources.  Please fill in her online survey.  It is open until the end of October 2017.

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