Meet up with friends

We run seven lunch clubs where older people can meet friends and make new friends, and enjoy a freshly-cooked hot lunch.

Find a club near you

Please ring us on 01908 557873 if you have any queries.

We serve a hot meal, cooked from scratch on the premises.  Lunch club members enjoy a main course and pudding, and can choose to have tea or coffee and biscuits as well.  We want lunch club members to enjoy the meal so our cooks listen to suggestions and will vary the menu according to what is popular.  We try to use ingredients that are in season and to serve a dish that suits the time of year. 

Our cooks provide traditional British food such as shepherd's pie and sausage and mash.  They also like cooking curry or something more exotic if lunch club members prefer.

How much does it cost?

We make a charge to help towards our costs
•  £7 lunch and activities in the sheltered housing scheme
•  £13 lunch, activities and transport

Most people pay the cook on the day, but we can make arrangements for a cheque to be paid to our office at The Peartree Centre. Sometimes family members like to pay for a relative to attend one of our lunch clubs.  We will try to find an arrangement that suits everyone.

We can arrange transport to the lunch club

Most lunch club members travel to the clubs by London Hire minibus but we also have a number of volunteer drivers who can take people in their own cars.

Please contact London Hire on 01908 262829 if you need to cancel their transport.

We can make arrangements for people who use wheelchairs. We try to ensure that lack of transport does not prevent people from enjoying getting out of the house and enjoying a bit of company at our clubs.

How many clubs can you join?

It is up to you, depending on availability, but we may not be able to provide transport.  Please ring us for more details.

Not just delicious food

We hope that people will enjoy socialising and making friends at our lunch clubs.  Most of the time you can join in a game of dominoes or cards, or perhaps even bingo or a sing-song.

Some of our clubs have volunteers who play the guitar and others are able to run a seated-exercise session or tai chi from time to time.

But there is no obligation to join in!  If you would rather enjoy the meal and have a quiet sit with a cup of tea, that is fine by us.

We are not able to provide personal care

As the lunch clubs run for three and a half hours most people will need to visit the loo while they are at the club.  We will do our best to help people who are less mobile but we are not able to provide personal care.

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