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We carry out small electrical and carpentry jobs to enable older people to live independently.

Our friendly, reliable team

 What does the service offer?

  • minor electrical work where fittings and sockets have already been fitted and the work will enable a disabled person to live independently
  • small carpentry jobs such as putting up shelves and curtain rails
  • install handrails and grab rails
  • fit window and door locks and other security items
  • fit key safes, intercoms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • fit draught proofing to windows and doors
  • minor repairs to gates and fences
  • construct steps and small ramps to enable easy access

 Who is it for?

The service is for people aged 55 or over living in the borough of Milton Keynes.

How much does it cost?

Clients pay the cost of materials used and:

  • £16 per hour for safety, security and falls prevention work
  • from £25 per hour for all other work
  • This is charged per workman, for a minimum of an hour.  Usually only one person is needed but we will send two if the job needs it.

After the first hour we will then charge by the half hour.  Please contact us if you are unsure how much we will charge for your particular job.  We can also visit to assess for larger works and give a quote.

In certain circumstances we have to charge VAT, so this will be explained before any work is arranged.

How do I access the service?

Please call us on 01908 557885 or send an email.

Key safes and wireless intercomms

We will supply and fit a key safe outside a property

  • £73 for a police-approved key safe
  • £55 for a standard model

The key safe needs to be fixed to a solid wall and in a place that is accessible to the people who will be using it.

Wireless intercom

For people over the age of 60 we charge a standard rate of £93 to supply and fit a wireless intercom to the outside of your house.

This will enable you to find out who is calling before you open the door.

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

We no longer fit smoke alarms.  Contact Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue service who now fit them for free.  Ring 01296 744477 or send an email to
Carbon monoxide detectors

We will supply and fit a CO detector for £23.00.

Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels such as gas, oil, charcoal, coal and wood do not burn completely.  The most common cause of this is when an appliance, such as a boiler or cooker, is installed incorrectly or poorly maintained.  Carbon monoxide can also build up when flues, chimneys or vents are blocked.

The Department of Health estimates that 50 people are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, and at least 4,000 are treated in hospital, in the UK each year.
Your smoke detector won't detect it.  Carbon monoxide can also cause long-term health problems, including heart problems, long-term brain damage and respiratory problems.

Ramps, steps and larger home adaptations

Ramps can make a huge difference to your quality of life, especially if steep steps or uneven paths make it difficult to manoeuvre a wheelchair or walk with a stick to your front door.

We may be able to help with installing permanent and semi-permanent ramps.  Please get in touch so that ramp can be costed individually before committing you to the expense.

For larger home adapatations please check our Trusted Traders Scheme for a list of contractors who may be able to help.

We regret we are unable to

  • carry out any heating or plumbing work requiring GAS SAFE registered tradesmen
  • do painting, decorating or fencing work
  • replace broken glass
  • do any work which needs ladder access above ground floor level

Larger home adaptations

Browse our list of reputable contractors who will be able to help

Real people, but made anonymous for the internet

  • Mr D has always been independent and keen on DIY but now aged 92 he was glad to have our two handypersons install a hand rail near the back door so that he use the outside step safely.  They also put up a key safe at the front of his house for when his carers visit.  These small practical jobs enable Mr D to carry on living in his own home and feeling safe.

  • Mrs V has had two hip replacements and a pacemaker fitted.  She uses a mobility scooter to get about.  Our Handyperson Service carried out a free Home Energy Check at her home and fitted several energy devices in her home, helping to reduce her fuel bills.  They also fitted window locks and a new chain on her front door which will help keep her safe.

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