A befriender can visit on a regular basis

Befriending is open to all older people in the borough of Milton Keynes

An Age UK Milton Keynes volunteer will visit you at home on a regular basis for a friendly chat and to see that things are generally well with you.

This service is for people aged over 55 who live in Milton Keynes and would benefit from the support and company a Befriender can offer.  As there is a high demand for this service we prioritise people who do not have relatives or friends living nearby and do not find it easy to leave their home, perhaps due to ill health or disability.

Our volunteers are able to help fill in forms and can chat through many of the concerns that you may have.  If further support or information is needed they can refer someone to our Information & Advice service.

Please get in touch if you, or someone you know, could benefit from a bit of company or the chance to have a chat on a regular basis.  We do not charge for this service.

Please ring us on 01908 240450

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