We offer a more intensive domestic cleaning service

  • enables older people to carry on living independently in their own home, by returning it to a clean and safe condition
  • means older people can return home to a comfortable, hygienic environment after a stay in hospital or other type of care
  • We clean and clear out an older person's home when no one else can help

We offer

  • a complete clean
  • clearing of unwanted household items and rubbish, removing larger items of furniture

Our charges

  • £15 - £17 per person per hour, we usually send a minimum of two plus cost of cleaning materials and equipment hire where necessary

Every job is different

  • We will carry out an assessment of the property and decide what is needed to reach an agreed level of cleanliness and tidiness to the satisfaction of the client.
  • The needs and wishes of the householder are taken into account at all times and agreed at the outset.
  • Each job will be priced individually and the cost agreed before we start work, together with the method of payment.  
  • The cost will include staff time based on an hourly rate, carrying out the cleaning, protective clothing, use of equipment and any chemicals required, and insurance and DBS checks.
  • We may also need to buy replacement items for the client, such as bedding and clothes or to top up gas or electricity meters.

We will do our best to meet your individual need, treating your home and possessions with respect.  Where appropriate, other Age UK Milton Keynes services may be able to help with furniture removal, garden clearance and ongoing support.

Age UK Milton Keynes is committed to providing safe services to a high standard.  We also recognise our duty of care to our workforce, clients and service users.  This inevitably means that we will be unable to carry out all requests.

Contact the Deep Clean Service on 01908 550700

This work has been supported by funding from MK Community Foundation which has paid for specialist equipment and protective clothing used by our staff.

Thank you to MK Community Foundation