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A gardener writes

  1. Hooray for hedges

    06 September 2017

    “Isn’t it a thug?” said a new client, looking forlornly at a Pyracantha hedge which had greatly outgrown its space and was poised, ready to scratch the next person who walked by.  Me, as it so happened.  I agreed, and looking at the sporadic fuzz of prickly growth, I sensed we were both racking our brains, wondering what there was to like about it.   In actual fact, Pyracantha can be incredibly beautiful and useful.  Its thorns make it an excellent hedge for security.  I know that many client...

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  2. Putting a smile back in the garden

    06 September 2017

    This morning a client pointed out of her window at a blazing yellow flower that was looking joyful in the few precious rays of sun this odd summer had afforded it. She continued pointing at the flower, trying to think of its name, unable to conjure it up.  “Helianthus” I said, and watched the smile that spread over her face.  “Now I remember!  I hadn’t been able to think of its name for ages now, thank you.” This happens quite often: a client shows me one of their treasured plants but forgets...

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About me

Peter Lickorish

As an Age UK Milton Keynes gardener I see the difference the service makes to the lives of our clients.

In this blog I’ll be offering gardening advice, reminding you it's time for you or your gardener to do certain jobs and sharing the joys and challenges of my work!