A much-needed break for carers

A sitting service for people caring for a person aged 55 or over

Tel  01908 996073

The service is for older people who would benefit from a regular visit.  This not only allows a family member or carer to have a break from their caring duties, it also enables an older person to enjoy the company of someone different for a few hours.
We will carry out an initial assessment visit to see how we can help you, and find out what support you'd like.

A regular weekly sitting or a one-off ad hoc arrangement

We will tailor the service to suit your needs.  We will visit for a minimum of an hour, but most people prefer two-hour sessions.

Stay indoors or go for a walk

We can sit with the person needing care or take them out for a walk or a visit.  We can sit and chat to the carer as well, if they need a bit of support or want to find out about other sources of help.

Our charges

£15.00 per hour 9am to 5pm weekdays
£18.00 per hour weekends and after 5pm weekdays

Most people pay in cash or by cheque at the time of the visit or we can send an invoice.  We will come to an arrangement that suits you and us.

The freedom to go out and not worry

Enjoy some "me-time" knowing that your loved one is in safe hands.

We want older people to have the chance to experience a bit of "normality" and down-time.  Carers can have the freedom to go out without worrying, knowing that the person they care for is in safe hands.

Our service enables carers to go out without having to rush back, knowing that our member of staff can be relied on.

Please ring us on 01908 996073 to see how we can help.

An example
The client is the carer of her husband who has dementia.  She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and gets very anxious.  Understandably she does not cope well at the moment.  Our Relief Care sitting service looks after her husband on an ad hoc basis, enabling her to attend hospital appointments.

Further information