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We are grateful for all donations and do our best to sell them at a fair price.  Like any retailer we have overheads and need to make a profit.

All funds raised help us provide services and support for the older people of Milton Keynes.

  • Pelican books

    On sale in Wolverton Books: £1 each

  • Small pair of dogs

    China dogs: £8

  • China jugs

    On sale at Kiln Farm: £-

  • Johnson Brothers bowl set

    Johnson Brothers bowls: £8

  • China trinkets

    China trinkets: from £3

  • Earthenware goblet set

    Earthenware goblet set: £5

  • Cups and glasses

    On sale in Stony Stratford: £-

  • Gorgeous china

    On sale in Stony Stratford: £-

  • Find one you like

    Assorted key rings: 50p

  • Mid-century cookware

    On sale in Stony Stratford: £-

  • Beautiful china with star pattern

    On sale in Stony Stratford: £-

  • Vintage clothing

    On sale in Stony Stratford: £-


Please note the prices shown were being charged when the photograph was taken but are subject to change. If no price is shown please ring us.  The items were on the shopfloor at our Kiln Farm furniture store unless otherwise stated.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that items have not been sold.  If you are interested in a particular item, please ring us to check that it is still available before making a special trip.

Enjoy shopping with us

We hope you will enjoy visiting all our shops and will find a bargain, or perhaps something quirky that you can repaint or "upscale".  As a charity we aim to get a fair price for all the items donated to our shops but, like any retailer, we have overheads and need to make a profit.

All the profits in our shops go to support the vital services we provide to local older people.