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Four Seasons team win Miralife trophy

06 January 2017

Lee Price and her team at our Four Seasons Wellbeing Centre in Kettering were top performers on the Miralife early detection of infections project.

Age UK Northamptonshire has been piloting the Miralife sytem at our Wellbeing Centre in Kettering since October 2016.  The system aims to prevent avoidable life-threatening hospital admissions and monitor clients at risk of urine, chest or skin infections.


By training our staff to monitor the health of their clients using the Miralife system, our staff can immediately notice when something is wrong with the person they have seen regularly, every day or several times a week, over a long period of time.  They have the greatest potential to recognise early, subtle and potentially important changes that could signify the onset of an illness or an infection.


Infections in older people or people with long term conditions are common and can have a major effect on their health and independence.  If identified early enough, infections can often be simply treated without the need for hospital admission.  By working in partnership with Miralife we can help our clients avoid increased confusion, increased risk of falls, distress to them and their family and a deterioration in their health.


Working with Miralife, our staff are able to recognise what is ‘normal’ and more importantly, what is ‘abnormal’ for their clients and can help them obtain the necessary treatment in a timely fashion to avoid further deterioration in their health, as well as the hazards associated with an acute admission to hospital.


Some of our team at Four Seasons with the well-earned trophy