Falls Awareness raising in Northampton

Age UK Northamptonshire is delighted to be working in partnership with Abington Park and King Edward Road GP surgeries to raise awareness of how local older people can avoid having a fall.

The two GP surgeries invited people who had recently suffered a fall or were at risk of having a fall to come for an information day on Wednesday 10th May.

Age UK Northamptonshire staff and volunteers, and representatives from other agencies supporting the countywide Falls Prevention Strategy, were joined by David Laing, the Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire.  Around 100 people came along for useful advice on diet, spotting and avoiding trip hazards and what to look for in footwear.  They also joined in several practical exercise sessions and learned how staying fit can make a huge difference to a person's risk of falling.

Falls are not an inevitable part of growing older and can often be prevented.  More information is available on Age UK's website.

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