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Age NI Stores

Our stores are full of quality clothes, homeware and accessories just waiting to be loved again. Every bag of items donated means that our shelves are stocked full of quality goods that people want to buy. Every purchase supports our work all over Northern Ireland to help everyone love later life. So if you are donating or buying, thank you - you are making a difference to the lives of older people.

  • What's in store?

    We sell pre-loved clothes, shoes, accessories, homeware and a vintage treat or two. Look out for our range of new stock too.
  • Donate to our stores

    Most of us have items at home that we don't use or need that could be loved again by someone else.
  • Find your nearest store

    There are five Age NI stores: Ballymena, Bangor, Belfast, Carrickfergus and Coleraine.
  • Volunteer with us

    Volunteers assist in the smooth running of our stores and gain skills and experience in a range of different shop operations.

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