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When my mother Rita was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was a very difficult time.

I live in Bangor and at that time my mother was still living at home in County Tyrone. The distance just added to all of the other worry I was feeling. I honestly do not know what I would have done without Bernie, Shelley and the team in Meadowbank.

When I first went to meet everyone, I had immediate and absolute confidence that my mother would be looked after properly and considerately. They understood how I was feeling and gave me so much support and comfort. I’ll never forget the first day we brought my mother to Meadowbank. She was upset and unsettled, as was I to be honest. Bernie looked at me, saw exactly how I was feeling without a word spoken and said, ‘You’ll know when the right time will be. It’s not today but it will come.’ And she was right.

A few months later, my mother was settled and content in her new home. Meadowbank is such a blessing - it’s full of very special people.


'I had no idea that I could get a bit more help and that’s all I really needed.'

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