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Read the points of view from those working for and volunteering with Age NI.

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  • Back to School? Slip into slippers!

    It's the time of year again when parents are busy preparing for a new term, and for some this will mean a new beginning as children start school for the very first time.
  • Ready to Care?

    The furore which accompanied proposals on social care during the recent General Election campaign, illustrates what happens when political leaders are not in tune with the day to day experiences or views of their voters.
  • Brexit – delivering a better future for us all as we age?

    The UK Prime Minister, Teresa May, formally began the process of the UK leaving the European Union by triggering Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union on 29 March 2017.
  • Edel Quinn: Why older people need warm homes

    Rising energy prices, leaky, energy inefficient housing and low incomes have resulted in Northern Ireland having the highest rates of fuel poverty in the UK and one of the highest rates in No
  • Good for our health? – responding to the Bengoa report

    The response from the Minister for Health to the Bengoa report provides new hope that long awaited reforms to our health and social care services will be taken forward.
  • Time to stand up to ageism

    We are rightly proud of our ageing society and celebrate the opportunities as well as the challenges this brings to how we plan, design and deliver public services, support each other and connect to the communities we live in.
  • Talking about my generation – dealing with the fall out from the EU referendum

    As we work through the implications of the EU referendum results we are left with lots of questions but little clarity about the practical impacts of this ‘brave new world’ on all our lives.
  • Stacey Lee - Volunteer Coordinator

    'I love my job as Volunteer Coordinator with Age NI! I get the chance to work with many amazing people who never fail to inspire me.'

More blog posts

Patricia Doyle: Over half a million hours of care every year
I've been working with the charity for 23 years and I've seen first-hand how important it is for older people, and their families, to get the little bit of care they need to stay as independent.

Linda Robinson: The Full Story
It has always been important for charities to be open, honest and accountable about activities. People want to fully understand how their hard-earned donation is making a difference to a cause that is close to their heart, and rightly so.

Paschal McKeown: Celebrating the (older) women in your life
Let's take a moment to reflect on the women, including older women, who have shaped our lives, our culture and our communities, often doing so quietly, without fuss or acknowledgement. 08/03/2016

Paschal McKeown: New Year - Care to Reflect?
From concerns about the way that people are supported in residential homes, to hospital waiting lists and treatment times, a spotlight has been shone on how care is not always meeting our reasonable expectations. 29/01/2016

Emma Taylor: My Life My Way
My Life My Way is all about making small, positive changes that will support people to live well, to feel less isolated and to stay connected to family, friends and the wider community. 24/05/2015

Maria Mullan: Dementia Programme
In my role as Dementia Programme Manager, I have responsibility for coordinating a music programme for people living with dementia. It can bring harmony to their life as they live with an illness which can bring discord. 23/05/2015

Sharon Fitzpatrick: Dementia Care
Sharon Fitzpatrick is manager of Age NI's specialist dementia service located in Twin Spires, Belfast which provides care to older people who wish to remain in their own home. 22/05/2015

Shelley Logue: Meadowbank Residential Home
Shelley Logue tells us why she loves her job as Care Manager at Meadowbank Residential Home in Omagh.

Mandy Wilson: My Life My Way
I am the Team Leader with Age NI's innovative programme, My Life My Way, which is supported by the Big Lottery Fund's Reaching Out: Connecting Older People programme, and delivered in the Belfast and Northern Health and Social Care Trust areas. 19/05/2015

Linda Robinson: Dementia
In Northern Ireland approximately 19,000 people are living with dementia, a number projected to rise to almost 60,000 by 2051, the fastest expected rate of increase in the UK (DHSSPS 2010). 18/05/2015

Irene Kingston: Age Discrimination
For me, there has been a niggling sense of unfairness in realising that older people in GB and the rest of Ireland have already got this legal protection – restricted, qualified, largely untested protection maybe, but there.

Duane Farrell: The End of the Beginning?
So, the news is in - OFMdFM have announced that they will bring forward legislation which will protect people from discrimination on the grounds of age.

Duane Farrell: No surprises
12/06/2014 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Duane Farrell: On the Scrapheap. A Hierarchy of Equality? 
02/05/2014 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Judith Cross: 321 calls for a nurse!
01/05/2014 Judith Cross

Linda Robinson: EU Day of Solidarity between Generations
29/04/2014 Linda Robinson - Age NI Chief Executive

Duane Farrell: Unanswered Questions 
17/04/2014 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Duane Farrell: Winners, losers and other ways to look at things 
01/04/2014 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Duane Farrell: Stop Age Discrimination 
01/04/2014 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Duane Farrell: Strategy’s Important! 
19/06/2013 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Judith Cross: Prevention is Key
05/06/2013 Judith Cross

Duane Farrell: Social Care Reform 
22/05/2013 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

Roisín Kerr: Ageist Stereotypes
09/05/2013 Roisín Kerr - Age NI Communications Manager

Duane Farrell: Care Home Closures
03/05/2013 Duane Farrell - Age NI Charity Director

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