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Gentle & Seated Programmes

Welcome to the Gentle & Seated section of Move More Live More

These programmes are mainly performed seated, tend to be shorter in duration (around 10 minutes), less aerobic, focus on gentle stretches, upper body and core strength.

Please select one of the programmes below to take part in. 

More Life Health

The More Life Health Youtube channel includes seated and standing exercises, warm up routines, stretches, full workouts, leg strengthening, core workouts and many more.

Who’s it for?

“These are good videos if you are trying to get back into an exercise routine. Some of the exercises are challenging so you’d need to have a little bit of fitness experience.”

Click here to view the workout videos


This offers a variety of 15-30 minute seated and standing workouts and is also suitable for people with physical disabilities. This is demonstrated simultaneously by two people; one is standing and one is always seated, so it is useful for a range of people and gives options if you want to make it harder or easier.

Who’s it for?

“There are different levels to suit. However, if you aren’t co-ordinated you might find it difficult.”

Click here to view the workout videos

Move With Mary

Developed by Age NI in association with the PHA and guided by a registered physiotherapist, Lady Mary Peters, now aged 80+, leads and demonstrates gentle strength and balance exercises we can all do from home. Lady Mary is a passionate advocate for regular movement in later years. She says, “movement is life”.

Who’s it for?

"Probably for beginners and those who are older. It would be very suitable for people with limited mobility or arthritis.”

Click here to view the videos

10 Today

This is a set of fun 10-minute workouts intended to easily fit into your day to help you get stretching and moving at home. It has been designed by and for older people, to keep you physically active, boost your wellbeing, and help maintain your mobility and balance.

Who’s it for?

“Those who have limited mobility or those who don’t do any exercise because it’s gentle.”


Click here to view workout videos

Love to Move

This is an age and dementia friendly seated gymnastics programme, designed to get older people moving & functioning better. It is based on movement patterns to benefit older people and those with dementia & mild cognitive impairment. 

Who’s it for?

“Brilliant for those with reduced mobility and anyone with dementia.”


Click here to view workout videos

If you would like more of challenge, feel free to try the Active & Standing section of Move More Live More. Mainly performed standing, some are up to 20-30 minutes, full body workout, expect some cardio (increased heart rate and breathing more heavily) and a good focus on building strength and balance while standing.
• Royal Academy of Dance
• Joe Wicks
• Jane Fonda
• HSCT Strength & Balance
• Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
• Osteoporosis Society
• Get fit with Ryan

Click here for the Active & Standing Programmes

Click here for the Move More Live More homepage

See The Complete Programme

Move More Live More is a set of online exercise programmes which have been tried and tested by a panel of older people, aged 65+ of all levels of mobility. Move More Live More will tell you what our panel of testers said about each programme and who they recommend them for. All of the featured programmes are designed specifically for older people and they can be done at home, free, any time, without equipment.

See the full Move More Live More programme PDF.


Last updated: Apr 27 2022

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