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Act4Age - Paschal

Act4AgeTell your candidates about the issues that matter to you and that are important to older people you know.

Ask candidates to #Act4Age on the issues that affect older people today and tomorrow.

1) Go online, send a letter or make a phone call

You don't have to wait for candidates to call to your house. You can email your candidate and tell them about the issues that matter to you and older people you know. You can also shares your own stories about the issues that matter to you by visiting our social media pages and using the #Act4Age hashtag - Twitter @Age_NI /

Or you can get in touch directly with the candidates through their constituency office. You can phone, write a letter, email or call into to their office in person. And, don’t forget that many candidates will be using social media to connect to people, so use this to your advantage and tell them about the things that matter to you. Don't forget to use #Act4Age

2) On your doorstep

Have our leaflets ready for candidates and canvassers when they come to your door. You can download and print off our leaflets:
#Act4Age - Have Your Voice Heard (PDF 470KB)
#Act4Age - Priorities (PDF 328KB) 

You can also print and display the #Act4Age badge (PDF 223KB) where candidates will see it.

3) Attend or hold an event

Are candidates speaking or answering questions at any public events in your area? You can usually find details of events like this in your local newspaper. Or you could organise your own event, bringing together older people and the wider community and candidates together.

This can give you a chance to get to know the candidates and ask questions. An event can also allow candidates to understand your local issues and meet people in their area who are interested in improving the lives of older people. Your event could be a formal question and answer session or it could be an informal 'come and meet us' event. You should invite all the candidates in your area to attend and ask them to confirm if they are coming to your event.

4) Make the news!

If you would like to generate media coverage about your support for the Age NI #Act4Age campaign in your area, please download the helpful guides below (see Downloads section) which could help you to engage with your local press contacts.

We have included sample press releases which you can edit with your local information, as well as a list of media contacts including email addresses, telephone numbers and twitter contacts where relevant. By issuing a press release to your local media about an event you are hosting, or the issues that you feel are important, you can ensure your voice is heard!

You can also text, phone or email your comments into radio or television programmes where candidates are debating their election issues.

Let us know about your experience and the responses you get!

Get in touch by calling us on 028 9024 5729 or by emailing

And don’t forget you can spread the word through social media:

  • Tag us on Twitter using @age_ni
  • Include us on Facebook by using @agenicharity
  • And don't forget to use #Act4Age in your tweets and posts

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Download, print and share the #Act4Age leaflets. Cut out the badge & display it on your door or window where candidates will see it.

Contact your local media using the Press Release guide & templates below. 


For more information: Age NI 028 9024 5729

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