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High 5 supporters in Tyrone

We love to hear your comments. The following were received from Parties, Candidates and members of the general public.

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Comments from Candidates

"As chair of the North Down Policing Partnership and member of over 50's forum and member of Home Accident Prevention I am very much aware of the fear of crime and work with the PSNI and other agencies to make the elderly in our community feel safe. I support you in your High 5 campaign."

Anne Wilson (Alliance), South Down
Candidate for Assembly election

'I fully support Age NI and the Age Sector Platform’s High 5 Priorities for ageing well in Northern Ireland.'

David Ford (Alliance), South Antrim
Candidate for Assembly election

'As a Green Party candidate I can confidently say that we fully endorse the aims of your campaign and that if elected I will make them a priority.'

Danny Donnelly (Green), East Antrim
Candidate for Assembly election

'Caring for those who most need it is something that not only elected politicans should be doing, but we as a society as a whole. Working together with your 5 step plan is certainly something which I personally will be pushing for in the N Ireland Assembly.'

Robert Woods (UKIP), Newry and Armagh
Candidate for Assembly election

'I fully support Age NI and the Age Sector Platform’s High 5 Priorities for ageing well in Northern Ireland. I will help to introduce social tariffs to help protect the vulnerable old and young from soaring energy bills.'

Sheila McQuaid (Alliance), Upper Bann
Candidate for Assembly election

'Keep up the good work, I look forward to working with you if re-elected.'

Trevor Lunn (Alliance), Lagan Valley
Candidate for Assembly election

'Our Party ethos is based on Social Justice so the High 5 campaign completely compliments everything we stand for as a party.'

Cadogan Enright (Green), South Down
Candidate for Assembly election

'I am an SDLP Assembly Candidate in Foyle in the election on 5 May. I am happy to support the High 5 campaign.'

Pol Callaghan (SDLP), Foyle
Candidate for Assembly election

'I am the Green Party candidate for Belfast South and fully support the High 5 campaign.'

Clare Bailey (Green), Belfast South
Candidate for Assembly election

'We have long recognised that older people represent an important and growing section of our society.

'They are a diverse group of people but they are also a group of people with distinct interests which must be recognised, protected and represented.

'Our intention in establishing a Commissioner for Older People and delivering on our Programme for Government commitment was to ensure that older people’s voices are heard. DUP representatives will continue this vital work in the new administration.'

Robin Newton (DUP), Belfast East
Candidate for Assembly election

'I want to ensure that Northern Ireland is a better place for us all as we age. It is obvious that Northern Ireland society is changing. There are more people over the age of 50 than under the age of 19 living here. It is imperative that the next Executive ensures that government policy supports older people to remain active, healthy, engaged, and removes the barriers to their participation. The policies that Government put in place today will shape our society tomorrow so it's important to get things right.

'If elected to the next Assembly, I will work with Age NI to help get the best deal possible for our older generation.'

Colin McCusker (UUP), Upper Bann
Candidate for Assembly election

'Our Seniors are at the forefront of our campaign. We must treat are older members of society we the utmost respect they have given us the platform in which we stand to day. We must ensure that our seniors are given the very best health and social care available at zero cost they have worked and payed the taxes to come to a stage were a government is going to try and take all form them.'

Gary McCann (Independent), Mid Ulster
Candidate for Assembly election

'I will do what I can to support the excellent work you carry out.'

Colin Breen (UUP), Candidate for Assembly election

'I am the Mid Ulster Alliance representative for the Assembly and council election, I am fully behind your campaign.'

Michael McDonald (Alliance), Mid Ulster
Candidate for Assembly & Council elections

'I would like to thank you for your email regarding your High 5's campaign, I give my full support to the 5 priority issues raised. These effect the day to day lives of many people in Northern Ireland, and as you have stated making Northern Ireland a better place for older people today means it will be a better place for us all as we age. I would be happy to discuss each of these points with any of my constituents, to hear their personal views on these issues.'

Adrian McQuillan (DUP), East Londonderry
Candidate for Assembly & Council elections

'This is an important initiative and one which candidates really should take note of. It is well known that the older generation take the opportunity to utilise their vote very seriously and take a keen interest in which candidates are working for them; one in five of people who will cast their vote on May 5th will be aged over 65. Older people have shown what they can achieve when they set their minds to something, not least the appointment of the Older People's Commissioner and locally in Fermanagh the establishment of the Pensioner's Parliament.'

Sean Lynch (Sinn Fein), Fermanagh & South Tyrone
Candidate for Assembly election

'The issues raised by Age NI in this campaign are of concern to many citizens right across the north; many of older people feel the effects of fuel poverty, social care provision, fear of crime etc more than other sectors. They are right to highlight these issues and if re-elected to the Assembly I commit myself to once again speaking up for them and their rights.'

Mickey Brady (Sinn Fein), Newry & Armagh
Candidate for Assembly election


Comments from the public

'I'm supporting the campaign as my mum is a pensioner and the past winter cost a fortune to heat the home. I totally support your priorities and hope our overpaid MLA's / Councillors will do something for your group.'

Judith (40-49), UpperBann

'The High 5 needs to be adopted by all political parties who ultimately depend on the 50+ votes.'

Martin (60-69), Foyle

'These are the core areas that matter to the quality of life of older people across Northern Ireland. As our population gets older it is important that our MLAs act in a collegiate manner to ensure that no older person is disadvantaged and put into poverty as a result of access to benifits and services that can fundamentally improve their way of life.'

Michael (Age: 50-59), Mid Ulster

‘Pleased to be able to support this campaign as living in a rural area we are never visited by our representatives in the run up to elections.’

Patricia (Age: 60-69), West Tyrone

'I call on all elected representatives MPs, MLAs and Councillors to support these five basic demands of the High 5 campaign. If anyone cannot fully commit to this then don't vote for him/her and let it be known why.'

Gerard (Age: 50-59), Foyle

'It's time the government made a stand up committment to tackling fuel poverty. It is a scandal when, in the 21st Century we have so many older people dying from the cold.  One death is one too many!'

Pat (Age: 40-49), Belfast South

'We must ensure that all pensioners are no longer second class citizens and are entitled to a proper standard of living and a pension that frees them from fuel poverty. Means testing for pensioners must be abolished and a more caring system be put into place that does not force any one to choose to eat or freeze during the winter after all any society will be judged on the way it treats its young, old and the vunerable sections of society. We are not doing too well so far.'

Michael (Age: 60-69), Fermanagh & South Tyrone

'I fully back the High 5 Campaign helping to ensure the end of age discrimination for older people. Community care should be at the top of the list in health care provision as 50% of the population will be over the age of 50 in 2020.

The devolved Government in Northern Ireland should have the foresight to ensure the correct efficient training and community services are provided at home if at all possible, freeing up hospital beds and treatment that can make huge savings in many services.

Perhaps listening to us can help prepare for the future as equal partners ensuring equality and respect for now and the future.'

Leandre (Age: 60-69), Belfast East

'Good to be given this chance to join your campaign.'

Marie (Age: 70-79), Belfast South

'I would very much like to become involved in your High 5 campaign.'

Helen (Age: 80-89), Belfast East

'Good Luck with the campaign, I hope people take notice.'

Marie (Age: 70-79), Belfast South

'It's high time we, the pensioners, are treated fairly! After all we have done our bit, paying into taxes and National Insurance etc. and are still paying taxes on pensions. The cut backs being envisaged are going to hit hard, and it wasn't our fault the country's in its present state.'

Aubrey (Age: 70-79), Foyle

'Good luck with your campaign we are all behind you.'

Maureen (Age: 40-49), Newry & Armagh

'I'm happy to lend my support to campaign.'

Martin (Age: 60-69), Belfast South

'Everyone must be proactive in searching for the way forward ensuring our older population have the same human rights, respect, independence and choice as everyone else. This isn't about their future its about all our futures.'

Jill (Age: 40-49), Belfast North

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