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Commonly used terms you may come across when you write your will.

Beneficiary – a person or organisation that will receive a gift in your will

Bequest – a gift you leave in your will to individuals and/or charities

Codicil – a change or addition to your will

Conditional Legacy – A gift subject to the fulfilment of a condition (e.g. ‘if my partner dies before me, I leave the residue of my estate to Age NI’)

Estate – the total sum of your possessions including property and money once debts have been taken into account

Executors – the people you have chosen to carry out the wishes in your will after your death

Intestacy – the legal situation arising if you die without a valid will

Legatee – a person or charity who receives a gift in your will

Pecuniary Legacy – a specific amount of money left as a gift in your will

Probate – the legal procedure that establishes that a will and codicil are valid

Residuary Legacy –a proportion of the remainder of your estate

Reversionary – a gift that passes to a named beneficiary after the death of everybody with a life interest in the estate

Specific Legacy – a particular named item left as a gift in your will

Testator – the person making a will

A gift in your Will helps us be here, day after day
Read more about how your gift can help older people in Northern Ireland now and in the future.

Your questions answered
Writing a will is an important step towards making sure your plans can be put into action and your wishes are respected.

How to include a gift in your Will
Important information on how to leave a gift in your will to Age NI – for our supporters and will making professionals.

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