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A lot of people put off writing their will until 'tomorrow' but unfortunately for many that tomorrow never comes. Writing a will is a crucial way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death.

One Age NI supporter, George Glenholmes from Dundonald, urges people not to bury their head in the sand and ensure that they consult a will-writing professional such as a solicitor for advice and guidance sooner rather than later. His own personal experiences made him realise just how important it is to make sure that your loved ones are protected.

George commented, 'I'm only too aware of the importance of writing a will. When I met my beloved Dorothy in 1979, I became step-father to her 5 wonderful children. Dorothy changed her name to mine and, although we were 'common law' husband and wife, we never legally married and so the children are not seen in the eyes of the law as my step children.

'It was after Dorothy passed away a number of years ago that I realised I needed to ensure provision for our children in my will to ensure they are provided for. I began to wonder how many people knew about this and knew about the importance of seeking specialist legal advice. I made it my mission to encourage more people to talk about and arrange their wills before it’s too late.

Linda Parker, Age NI Donor Manager, echoes George's sentiments, 'Wills are so important to ensure that those you care about are taken care of and that your wishes are fulfilled. Many people also choose to leave a gift in their will to charity. Age NI has benefitted from the generosity of many kind supporters in recent years through gifts in wills. Age NI Ballyclare Day Centre, which provides day care for older people with dementia was opened as a result of a generous gift in a will.

'Making a provision in your will for family, friends, charities and personal causes can make a real, positive and tangible difference in people’s lives. Don’t leave it too late – make sure that your personal wishes are specified in a will today... not tomorrow.'

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