How to run your committee

Committee meeting

Every committee is unique, getting the right people and having good leadership is important to the long term health of the organisation.


1.  Good Governance
2.  Leadership
3.  Legal responsibilities
4.  Effectiveness
5.  Performing & reviewing management committee
6.  Delegation
7.  Integrity
8.  Openness
9.  Sustainability/Funding

1.  Good Governance

Governance is about leadership and ensuring that an organisation is effectively and properly run. It has been defined as “the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation”

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2. Leadership

Leadership is one of the key roles of any management committee/board. Every voluntary and community organisation should be led and controlled by a management committee/board which ensures delivery of its objects, sets its strategic direction and upholds its values

3.  Legal responsibilities

The management committee/board members are equally responsible in law for committee/board actions and decisions. They are collectively responsible and accountable for ensuring that the organisation is performing well, is solvent and complies with all its obligations.

Types of governing bodies

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Charitable status
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Staff contract, job descriptions – Templates
opens link in new window DIY: Templates

Constitution template
opens link in new window Age NI: Template Constitution (DOC 53KB)

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Equal Opportunities
opens link in new window DIY: equality and diversity

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opens link in new window Age NI: Arranging Outings for Older People (DOC 54KB)

Health and Safety
opens link in new window DIY: health and safety help sheet

4. Effectiveness

The management committee/board should have clear responsibilities and functions and should organise itself to carry out these responsibilities effectively

opens link in new window DIY: running effective meetings

5. Performing and reviewing

The management committee/board should periodically review its own and the organisation’s effectiveness and take any necessary steps to ensure that both continue to work well and meet legal requirements.

opens link in new window DIY: duties and responsibilities members

6. Delegation

The management committee/board should set out the functions of sub-committees, officers, staff and anyone performing duties on behalf of the management committee/board in clear delegated authorities and should monitor their performance.

opens link in new window DIY: effective delegation

7. Integrity

The management committee/board should view maintaining the integrity and interest of the organisation as a primary overriding duty. They should act reasonably at all times in the interests of the organisation and of its present and future beneficiaries, users and/or members.

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8. Openness

The management committee/board should be open, responsive and accountable to its users, beneficiaries, members, partners, funders and others with an interest in its work.

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9. Sustainability & Funding

Coping with the cuts
opens link in new window NICVA: Recession Toolkit

Courses and events
opens link in new window NICVA: courses and events

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