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Help at home

  • What is community care?

    Community Care describes the services and support which help people to continue to live independently at home.
  • Care in your home

    Most of us want to live independently in our own homes for as long as possible. As we get older, we may need support and assistance to enable us to do so.
  • Community care assessment

    A community care assessment of your needs will outline what your needs are and how the Trust can offer support.
  • Carer's assessment

    You may be caring for your spouse, a family member who lives with you or a friend or relative who lives nearby and helps you regularly.
  • Challenging community care decisions

    Find out more about challenging community care decisions.
  • Further support

    Contact details for sources of community care support.

Call our advice line

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Aids and adaptations

Your local Health Trust may provide equipment aids and adaptations to help with daily tasks such as cooking, dressing and bathing through its Occupational Therapy Department.