Jean's story

Personal Alarm

After some health problems three years ago, 93 year old Jean’s family spoke to her about the possibility of an Age NI Personal Alarm.

Jean was already well acquainted with the products and services offered by the charity, having previously purchased Home Insurance from Age NI.

‘I’d been in hospital’, said Jean ‘and I wasn’t as steady on my feet any more.  When I came home, I had the love and support of my family to help me recover as soon as possible.  When I was properly on the mend, my son mentioned that I should think about getting a personal alarm, given my recent health problems and the fact that I lived on my own.  He thought it might help me feel a bit more confident getting about my home.   At the time, I had my family and health care professionals coming in and out of the house to look after me but the more I thought about the alarm, the more sense it made.  I also knew that my family would feel more at ease knowing I had the alarm to hand.

‘I have never had to use it, but I’m so glad that I have it.  I always wear it around my neck, wherever I am in the house.  In fact, on the odd occasion I forget to put it on, I’m very quickly aware that I am missing some vital and important.  I really wouldn’t be without the alarm as it really has given me a lot of confidence.  My family are fantastic but they can’t be in the house with me 24 hours a day and because of the alarm, I know that help is at hand quickly in the event that I should have a fall.  At my age, a wee thing can become a big thing very quickly, so knowing that there is support at the press of a button makes me feel more at ease.

‘Sometimes I forget to test the alarm to make sure that it is working properly, but that’s another reason why the alarm service is wonderful.  The call centre staff regularly ring in to me to make sure that everything is fine with the system.  I can’t express enough just how important it is to feel safe and secure at home, and that’s how my alarm makes me feel.’

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