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Nuisance calls

Nuisance calls and messages can be annoying, frustrating and quite frightening. But there are some simple things that you can do to protect yourself. Watch Ofcom's video to find out more:

5 ways to protect yourself:

  • Register with the Telephone Preference Service – it's free and it allows you to opt out of any unsolicited live telesales calls.
  • If someone rings you and asks for financial information over the phone such as your account details or PIN number, then don’t provide it.
  • Talk to your phone provider to see what privacy services and call-blocking products are available, although be aware, you may need to pay for some of these services.
  • If the nuisance call is a live telesales call, an automated marketing message, or a SPAM text message, complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. You can also report spam texts to your mobile network operator by simply forwarding the text to 7726.
  • If you have received a silent or abandoned call, complain to Ofcom.

Ofcom also have a dedicated advice area to help you tackle nuisance calls and messages.

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