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Eat Well with Jane

As part of our Good Vibrations campaign we have created lots of inspiring and engaging videos. Introducing our nutrition series, Eat Well with Jane. Eating well means you’re more likely to feel healthier, stay active for longer and protect yourself against illness. Eating well means enjoying your food and having plenty of variety in your diet so you get all the nutrients you need.

Jane McClenaghan, a nutritional therapist, will take us through lots of delicious recipes you can make at home! 

Overnight Oats Recipe

Your body's nutritional needs change with age. Discover what foods can help you feel young at any age! Download the Overnight oats recipe.

Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Has your get-up -and -go got up and gone? Find out what to eat to help you get your bounce back. Download the recipe.

Watch the rest of Jane videos below! You can also download all her recipes so you can try at home. Enjoy! 

Eat Well with Jane - Good Gut Guide
Carrot soup recipe

Carrot and Ginger soup recipe

Gut health is not something we usually discuss in polite conversation, so how do you know what is normal, and what is not?

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Eat Well with Jane - Good Mood Foods
Smoked mackerel pate recipe

Smoked mackerel pate recipe

Give your mood a boost. The right nutrition can help support the production of neurotransmitter that help us feel calm, happy, and uplifted.

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Eat Well with Jane 5
Cherry bakewell yogurt recipe

Cherry bakewell yogurt recipe

A good night’s sleep means waking up feeling refreshed, revived and ready to start the day with a spring in your step. Find out how to eat your way to a better night’s sleep!

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Eat Well with Jane 6
Recovery smoothie recipe

Recovery smoothie recipe

Nutrition and exercise are essential ingredients for well-being. The right food choices can help you get the most out of your exercise and fuel recovery.

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Last updated: Apr 12 2021

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