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Author: Age NI
Published on 06 November 2014 02:00 PM

Reindeer Gift Box

Does the thought of sitting down to write umpteen Christmas cards fill you with festive cheer and joy?

Firstly, which cards to get – cute or funny, square or rectangular, glitter or plain? Then, the dreaded address list, which no matter how hard you try to maintain is always out of date. Add to that, aching wrists from writing, not remembering the names or spelling of spouses or children, anxiety about the message you write and to top it all the price of a second class stamp – if I even make the last posting date. It's exhausting just thinking about it.

That’s why an Age NI Christmas e-card is a much better idea. No postage deadline panic; no need to spend a fortune; no repetitive strain injury to the wrists. Most importantly, buying an e-card means a donation to Age NI and that means you are helping older people.

Some people worry that an e-card isn’t the same as getting a festive envelope through the letterbox. What is a Christmas card if not a happy reminder that someone is thinking about you? An e-card is exactly the same, except that family and friends know that instead of wasting time and money, you have carefully chosen a charity to benefit from the money you would have spent. 

A £5 donation would pay for a hot Christmas dinner in an Age NI day centre. They are a lifeline to many lonely older people.

Now what would I rather pay for – stamps and cards that get binned within days, or a hot dinner for someone who needs some warmth, comfort and friendship in their lives this winter?  The answer seems pretty clear to us. What about you?

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