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Author: Consumer Council
Published on 27 September 2011 03:00 PM

Converting ‘non-users’ and improving the performance of Translink’s Call Centre should now be priorities, according to the Consumer Council.

The comments follow today’s publication of Translink’s Spring Charter Monitoring Results.

Speaking about the results Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport at the Consumer Council says:  “Value for money ratings have increased slightly on both Ulsterbus and Metro from this time last year , indicating that passengers are responding positively to Translink’s decision to hold its fares this year. 

However, we believe with increasing petrol and diesel prices, alongside the high cost of car insurance, more can be done to entice motorists away from their cars and onto public transport. 

More than 80 per cent of passengers surveyed had been using the service for over two years; so we know that people who use the service value it. We need to shift attention now to those who could use the service but don't and those who would use it but can't so that we focus on growing passenger numbers.

The Consumer Council is also encouraging all consumers to look at the savings that multi-journey options such as Smartlink and iLink cards can provide on the cost of travel.

While the performance of the Translink Call Centre improved compared to previous results, it still failed to meet targets. 

Scott Kennerley added: “We now need to see Translink take steps to improve the service of the call centre which is the first point of contact for many people.  The experience people have when they contact the call centre can persuade or dissuade them from trying public transport. 

At the Consumer Council’s request, future monitoring will also survey the views of passengers using the Translink website to find out if it meets their requirements.  Ultimately, attracting more people onto public transport will deliver a better deal for all consumers here."


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