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Author: Danske Bank
Published on 17 October 2014 10:00 AM

Danske Bank has launched a new spending overview tool to give customers greater insights into their day to day finances and help them track their spending more easily. It is the first local Bank to launch this service in Northern Ireland.

The new spending overview feature gives Danske Bank customers who use online banking or mobile or tablet banking apps an at a glance visual summary of where their money goes. Every transaction now has a symbol beside it, breaking the spending down into categories such as housing, transport or groceries.

For convenience, every transaction is automatically categorised, however customers can easily change the categories themselves. There are over 150 different categories to choose from.

An easy to understand, real time chart then makes it very easy for consumers to follow trends in their spending and see straight away where they might want to try and make cuts or savings in their monthly budget.

Tony Wilcox, Danske Bank’s Managing Director Personal Banking said:

“We know customers today want more and more control of their money and this is another way we are helping them to do that. The family budget and how it is spent is a big talking point in many households. Our newly introduced spending overview application allows people to see exactly how much money they are spending on different goods and services every day, week, month and year. We believe this new tool will help many of our customers to budget better and in turn save them money".

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