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Author: Exploring Retirement - Dr. John Copelton
Published on 14 February 2013 11:00 AM

Exploring Retirement is a new website that takes a positive look at the perennial question “What is there to do when you retire?”

With examples of retirement enterprises drawn from around the world, it sets out an exciting new vision of retirement as a time of opportunity, limited more by our imagination than anything else.

The opens link in new window Exploring Retirement web site is provided in a monthly magazine format, with back issues available in an easily viewed archive.

It features regular articles on wellbeing in retirement and introduces active retirement initiatives intended for those about to retire, recently retired or looking to re-invigorate their retirement.

Extensive use is made of video clips that show participants engaging in the various activities. Readers are welcome to participate in the development of the magazine and comments or articles of interest should be addressed to the

Exploring Retirement is an initiative of Dr. John Copelton, a former Senior Careers Adviser at Queen’s University, Belfast.

In his mid fifties John enrolled as a part-time PhD student in Psychology and was awarded his doctorate in July 2005 for a thesis exploring the links between self-determination and well-being in older people.

In 1997 he received a Churchill Travel Fellowship to visit the United States, to explore initiatives aimed at people in the “Third Age”. His work has featured in the Times Higher Education Supplement as well as on BBC radio.

Visit the website at opens link in new window

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