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Author: Age UK Blog
Published on 05 June 2013 12:30 PM

If you know an older campaigner, why not nominate them for the Shelia McKechnie Take Action Award. This award is one of a series which recognises campaigners across the country.

The Take Action award, sponsored by Age UK is for campaigners aged 60 and over who campaign on issues important to them. Whether you want a better bus service or more playground facilities for your grandchildren, you can enter the competition.

The winner will receive a tailored package of support to help them campaign more effectively. They will also be invited to attend a special presentation ceremony.

Last year Stephanie Warren won the award for her campaign to save the cheque guarantee card. Stephanie said: “The problems surrounding not having a cheque guarantee card first came to my attention when we were told that cheques themselves might be taken away. I, like many others, was astonished to think the banks would stop accepting the cheque when it’s used by people from every walk of life.”

“There were national campaigns to save the cheque, including one run by Age UK, and this pressure was successful. The banks decided to keep it after all. But then my attention was drawn to the cheque guarantee card, which they phased out beforehand.”

“Many people use their cheque book to pay small amounts to small businesses or, for example, for taxi journeys. If the supplier doesn’t see a guarantee card, they are often more wary of accepting the cheque and can refuse to take it as a form of payment. “

“I was really pleased when I was told the news that I’d won. I’m hoping I’ll now get the support and advice I need to make my campaign activity even more effective. I want to get people from all walks of life involved, including famous faces who care about this issue.”

So if you are an older campaigner, or know one, who deserves this award send in your nomination form by Monday 17 June.

Find out how to apply or nominate an older campaigner for the Take Action Award.

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