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Author: DFP
Published on 24 April 2012 12:00 PM

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson has welcomed the uptake of over £17.5 million to lone pensioners in rates assistance.

The Lone Pensioner Allowance scheme administered by Land & Property Services entitles people aged 70 and over who live alone to a 20% discount in their rate bill.

Over 27,000 pensioners have benefitted from this scheme since April 2008.

Welcoming this, the Minister said: “I am encouraged that the number of older people receiving this allowance is increasing year on year.

“The current economic climate is putting real financial pressure on everyone and in particular, many of our more vulnerable citizens.
“Over 27,000 pensioners have so far qualified for the 20% discount. I am sure this has been of great assistance in these challenging financial times.”

The Minister, who was visiting the Young at Heart Exhibition in Belfast for retired people in Northern Ireland, was keen to highlight that there is also help available for older people who do not live alone.

“There are a number of other reliefs and entitlements that are available to those on a low income and to pensioners including Housing Benefit and Rate Relief. I am taking this opportunity to encourage pensioners to check out what is on offer and apply if they think they might qualify.”

Full details of these reliefs and entitlements are included in the booklet ratepayers will have received with their bill. These can also be accessed via the nidirect website:


For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575