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Published on 13 June 2011 05:00 PM is Channel 4's daily religion and ethics. This week they are asking whether it's wrong to put elderly parents in care homes. 

The series will be exploring issues such as whether parents receive the best care by professionals or in the family home, the strains home care can put on other family relationships and the attitudes of different religions towards the duty of children.

After the films are on television, they will be available to watch on the website. Viewers can also leave comments about the issues and whether they agree with the speakers, or not! always welcome lively discussions on the site, and you can leave comments anonymously if you wish.

This is the line-up of who appears each evening on Channel 4:

Monday 13th June: Jagjit Singh, 7:55pm
Practising Sikh, Jagjit Singh lives with four generations of his family under one roof, and thinks that this is better for everyone in the house, young and old.

Tuesday 14th June: Peter White, 7:55pm
When broadcaster Peter White’s elderly mother came to live with him and his wife it put his marriage under strain, but he still believes that it is children's duty to care for their parents.

Wednesday 15th June: Bilal Hassam, 7:55pm
Muslim junior doctor Bilal Hassam thinks that it's natural to want to care for your parents at home. He blames declining family values for the fact that so many of us want to put our parents in a care homes.

Thursday 16th June: Terri Balon, 7:55pm
This week asks "Is Wrong To Put Elderly Parents In Care Homes?" Terri Balon, says that her marriage suffered when her husband's elderly aunt came to live with them. The experience taught her that she could never care for her own mother at home.

Friday 17th June: Yasmine Maya, 7:25pm
Yasmine Maya has cared for both her parents at home, which meant sacrificing her career and putting her own life on hold, but she has no regrets.

Saturday 18th June: Keren Smedley, 7:05pm
Keren Smedley, who lost her mother to dementia, regrets not putting her mother into a care home sooner. She believes that this kind of home care can ruin the quality of the relationship between parents and children. 

Sunday 19th June: Edna Clarke Kumi, 6:55pm
Former care home nurse, Edna Clarke Kumi  would rather die than live in a care home.

Each week explores a different issue in society by listening to the views of 7 different people, and inviting the public to share their views on the website.

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