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Author: Changing Ageing Partnership
Published on 27 September 2010 10:30 AM

Junior Minister Robin Newton joined Anne O’Reilly, Age Awareness Week spokesperson, to launch a week long series of events to recognise and celebrate the diversity of older people in Northern Ireland. 

Organised by the Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP), Age Awareness Week has teamed up with Cinemobile, Ireland’s first travelling cinema to bring the magic of age-themed movies ‘Up’ and ‘The Bucket List’  to locations throughout Northern Ireland including Ballymoney, Magherafelt, Strabane, Kesh, Strangford and Armagh.

Research commissioned by the Changing Ageing Partnership (CAP) for Age Awareness Week 2010 indicates that 92% of people feel older people make a positive contribution to society but 8 out of 10 people believe more needs to be done to ensure older people in Northern Ireland are valued.

Anne O’Reilly, CAP Spokesperson said:

‘Society needs to change its often misguided and negative perceptions of older people. This can only be achieved by recognising that older people are active citizens who contribute positively to society. Age Awareness Week 2010 hopes to stimulate debate on the importance of recognising older people’s skills, experiences, knowledge and achievements.’

Anne added: ‘Recent figures state that almost 1/3 of the NI population is over the age of 50 – this is projected to increase by 37 per cent by 2029[ii].  Research carried out for Age Awareness Week shows 72% of people believe older people are less valued in the general population because of their age. This is a worrying statistic! How can older people continue to play important roles as active citizens if they feel disempowered and undervalued?  Age Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity for us all to become more aware of age issues. It is important that we stand together to create a society which values and respects the contributions made by older people in our society. By recognising the important contributions they make, we can transform negative attitudes and empower older people, creating a richer society for all.’

Age Awareness Week will take place from Saturday 25 September to Saturday 2 October 2010 and through a wide range of events throughout Northern Ireland will celebrate the positive contribution older people make to our society.

For further information about other events taking place throughout the week visit opens link in new window


For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575