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Published on 26 November 2014 04:00 PM

Power NI & Age NI Reindeer Food

Power NI is powering Santa’s reindeer this Christmas by supporting Age NI’s Reindeer Food, a magical mixture of glitter and oats which is a firm favourite with families in Northern Ireland who wish to ensure Santa’s sleigh stops with presents on Christmas Day.

Siobhan Casey, Marketing Director at Age NI, said:

'We’re delighted that Power NI is kindly sponsoring this year’s Age NI Reindeer Food, an annual fundraising initiative to support older people during winter.

'We often hear from people who tell us they haven’t spoken to anyone for days, even weeks. Many have lost touch with family, friends, or neighbours and many others find it difficult to get out in bad weather conditions.

'Your £1 donation will help us continue to provide services that offer comfort and support to vulnerable older people affected by isolation and loneliness at this time of year.'

Power NI Marketing Executive, Aine Bloomer, said:

'Power NI, Northern Ireland’s leading energy supplier, is delighted to assist the charity’s valuable work at this time of year. This sponsorship is part of Power NI’s partnership scheme. We wanted to build on the relationship with Age NI which has come about over the past five years, as well as giving older people the chance to avail of various Power NI schemes such as free insulation and our customer care register.'

Where to buy

Sachets will be available in B&M Bargains, Cardland and British Home Stores, as well as various supermarkets, coffee and toy shops located throughout Northern Ireland this November and December.

Contact or 028 9024 5729 for information or for a Power NI partnership application form, visit 

Santa’s Reindeer Powered Up for Christmas

Photo 1: Sabrina Brown, five, and Aine Bloomer from Power NI, with Age NI Reindeer Food, in Santa’s Grotto Hillmount Belfast.

Photo 2: Sabrina Brown, five, Aine Bloomer from Power NI, and Jack Egerton, three, with Age NI Reindeer Food, in Santa’s Grotto Hillmount Belfast.

For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575