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Author: Age NI
Published on 15 July 2011 08:00 AM

Age NI calls on Minister for Health to respond to Dilnot Commission Report.

The Dilnot Commission has delivered its recommendations for health and social care in England, but Northern Ireland could still feel its impact if the reforms are implemented.

Anne O'Reilly, Age NI Chief Executive commented, 'Although the reforms outlined in the Commission’s report apply to England only, NI cannot ignore the recommendations as social security and tax benefits are UK wide and these would be affected by Dilnot’s proposals. Questions also remain to be answered about how changes to the English social care system would affect the block grant for Northern Ireland. The NI Executive cannot afford to overlook this report.

'Age NI has been calling for a fundamental review of social care for too long. It’s not just about today’s care crisis any longer. We need to future-proof health and social care so that people now in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s feel confident that their later life will be a time of health and social care security. Right now the sums just do not add up! The cost of treating older people is expected to grow by 30% in the next ten years but with a real cut in the DHSSPS budget of around 2.7% by 2014, the finances needed to treat older people are unlikely to be available.

'In addition, the number of people needing care, especially those over 85 will increase – by 2021 the number of over 85s is projected to increase by 67% here.  That’s why Age NI is calling on the Minister for Health to respond to the Dilnot Commission report and commit to publishing a plan of action for a fundamental review of social care based on dignity, independence and choice.

'We cannot sit by and do nothing. What will happen if we do? Our current care crisis will become a care catastrophe for many generations to come.'

Download the Age NI opens link in new window Dilnot Commission Briefing (PDF 230KB)

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