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Author: Age NI Enterprises
Published on 10 December 2010 12:00 AM

Stay ‘safe and secure’ this winter, say Northern Ireland church leaders

Northern Ireland Church leaders urged the people of Northern Ireland to ensure that their older family members, friends and neighbours are safe and secure this winter.

Asking everyone to consider others at this time, the four main denominations called on the public to ‘spread the warmth’ by doing a little to make a big difference.

The Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Noel Treanor; Methodist President Rev Paul Kingston, Archdeacon Philip Patterson, the Church of Ireland Bishop of Down and Dromore's Commissary and Presbyterian Moderator Dr Norman Hamilton met to highlight the plight of older people at this time of year.

144,259 people in Northern Ireland (50% of older people) say that loneliness is a significant issue, and with circa 88,500 older people living alone (83% of whom are in fuel poverty), a personal alarm could give many of them and their carers peace of mind.

The Church leaders said, “One of the great Christian commands is to love your neighbour.  So we call upon the community to act and check on their neighbours, friends and older people and ascertain if they need assistance. We are only too aware that dark nights and icy weather adds to the isolation and loneliness that so many people are feeling at this time of year.

“We commend Age NI Enterprises on this ‘safe and secure’ campaign for older people. It is important that those later in life feel safe and secure in their own homes and we are well aware of how personal alarms can save lives and give that much needed peace of mind.”

Ron Warwick, General Manager of Age NI Enterprises, said, “There are more people living here over the age of 50 than under the age of 19. The fact is we have an ageing population. It is now is the time to consider others.

“We are all finding it difficult to travel and do normal things in winter, like go to the local shop for milk. For older people winter means they will be confined to the house, as they dare not go out in the icy conditions; they feel even more insecure and lonely.

“Personal alarms offer independence, freedom and peace of mind. If something does happen or if an unwanted caller calls at their door then help is only a push of a button away.

“Having a personal alarm not only gives peace of mind to the wearer but to their families and their loved ones. It reduces the need to worry unnecessarily about an ageing parent who values their independence and lives alone.”

The personal alarm system addresses the very real and in some cases life threatening situations. In Northern Ireland the service handles over 122,000 calls a year, 598 of which have resulted in Age NI Enterprises calling the emergency services, 2,126 needing assistance and 2,314 needing reassurance or advice.

Ron Warwick added, “All monies raised from personal alarms goes back into the charity to help older people. If you are concerned about an older person who may need help to stay warm, safe and secure or even needs a free benefit check, contact the Age NI Advice and Advocacy Service on 0808 808 7575 to speak to an advisor in confidence or for further information on personal alarms freephone 0808 100 4545.”

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