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Graham McFarlane is delighted to help more people love later life!

'As a retired person, I have to admit that for me to say that ‘age is just a number’ reflects a deep desire to deny that I have been put out to grass. Look! Pay attention! I am here! I have not really grown up, despite appearances! I can still do many of the things I used to do if only I was permitted! There are many like me.

'Certainly people like me are the ones who buy into holding back the years rather then reeling them in. We are the ones who most loudly espouse the idea that age (and everything else about people’s selves) is more about social construction and imagination rather than about our biology.

'All very well, of course. But we know that saying that ‘age is just a number’ is much easier when one has good health, when one has a set of warm, supportive relationships, and when one has the financial wherewithal to cope with modern life.

'With its expertise, resources and attitudes, Age NI seeks to work for all those who wish to shout that age is just a number, but find it difficult to do so. That’s why I’m delighted to be part of the Age NI network of volunteers who seek to help more people to love later life.'

Anne Maguire
'There is truth in the saying that "as one door closes, another opens" – all we have to do is look and take the leap! In 2010, this happened to me.'

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