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Irene Kingston is loving later life!

I worked for two years in the European Commission in Brussels in the 1990s, and – a case of sink or swim, for at that time French was used in the Commission much more than it is now – my A Level French improved to the stage that as well as surviving at meetings and on the phone, I was reading French books and magazines for pleasure. Back to a stressful full-time job in Belfast, it all slipped away and detective novels (in English...) were about the height of my reading.

In (partial) retirement, it has been such a joy to get back to this beautiful language and read everything from the classics, to modern literary fiction and, yes, detective novels! My retired languages-teacher sister sends me Nouvel Observateur and I’ve got Le Figaro on the laptop too (thereby neatly covering both right and left in French politics). Quel plaisir!

'I love later life because there is so much for me to get involved with, be it a community group, volunteering or a local project.'

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