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Do you know what benefits you are entitled to? Find out exactly what you are owed - quickly and easily - with the benefits calculator.

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Why check?

Every year in Northern Ireland, almost £200m of benefits that older people are entitled to go unclaimed - including Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and Lone Pensioner Credit. Some benefits, like the Winter Fuel Payment, are entirely dependent on age - and not at all related to income.

So, even if you think you're getting everything you are entitled to - it doesn't hurt to check.

How to claim

The benefits calculator has shown that you are missing out on money - so what next? Download our guide, More money in your pocket (PDF 570KB), to find out how to claim pension age benefits.

Think you are owed more?

If you think a decision made about your benefits is wrong, you can ask the office that made the decision to explain or reconsider it.

Benefits - all you need to know

Want more information on a particular benefit? Take a look at the individual benefits pages in our benefits and entitlements section.

Further information

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Our Information guides are short and easy to digest, giving a comprehensive overview of the relevant topic. Information sheets and factsheets are longer with more detail, and are aimed at professionals.

You can download other guides in our series from publications

For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575

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