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Income Support is a benefit for people under Pension Credit qualifying age and living on a low income. If you can't work for whatever reason or don't work many hours, you may get some support to top up your income.

Who can claim

You can claim Income Support if you’re all of the following:

  • below the age you can claim Pension Credit
  • a carer or, in some cases, if you’re sick or disabled, or a single parent with a child under 5
  • on a low income and have less than £16,000 in savings
  • working fewer than 16 hours a week (if you have a partner they must work fewer than 24 hours a week).

If you qualify for Income Support, you could be entitled to other benefits, such as Housing Benefit or help with Rates for owner occupiers, health costs or urgent one-off expenses.

How much you'll get

  • £72.40 a week if you’re single
  • £113.70 a week if you’re a couple.

The amount you get may vary depending on your circumstances. For example you may get extra if you’re a pensioner or if you're disabled.

How to claim

You can claim Income Support by contacting your local Social Security or Jobs & Benefits office on 0800 022 4250. They will send you the detailed claim forms and a pre-paid envelope.

Further information


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