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Duane Farrell

Age NI Response to the NIAO report on the Management of the Transforming your Care reform programme

Duane Farrell, Age NI Charity Director, commented, ‘Age NI welcomes the report by the NI Audit Office into the Management of the Transforming Your Care programme as an important reminder of the urgent need to radically overhaul and transform our health and social care system.

'We agree that, although there have been a number of positive initiatives and new, effective models of care developed which have made a real difference to the lives of individuals, the scale and pace of change has not  been sufficient to transform our complex health and social care system. 

‘We support the clear direction given in the report moving forward, including the development of a clear, costed action plan, with resources invested in community and primary care services, along with the call to build evidence of the interventions that work, and the models of care which could be scaled up, to bring about the transformation we need. 

‘Innovative models such as Living Well indicate the positive outcomes which can be achieved for older people by working across new, multi-disciplinary approaches. The significant potential of a prevention and early intervention approach to improving the health and wellbeing of older people must be realised.

‘Age NI has long argued that social care is the lynchpin to improvements in our health system, helping people to remain as independent as possible in their own home and to move from hospital as quickly as possible. It is vital that the recommendations of the Expert Advisory Panel on Social Care, due to report at the end of April, also feed into and are reflected in a new plan for taking Transforming Your Care forward.

‘We believe that there must be a clear and determined shift of structures, resources and priorities in health and social care towards investing in prevention and early intervention, enabling older people to live independently, with dignity and security, having choice and control over how they manage their lives.

‘As the NI Audit report states, leadership is required by the health and social care system. But Age NI believes we also require leadership to be shown by our government in making Transforming Your Care a priority, by allocating adequate resources to accelerate the pace of change and in fully supporting the transformation that is required to deliver a world class health and social care service.  

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