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Let's Talk Money

Published on 19 November 2018 03:49 PM

Let's Talk Money

Do you feel in control of your finances? If not, do you feel comfortable talking to the people who can help? We want to show you how much support is available to make you feel secure with your finances. And that you can talk to us at any time.

At Age NI we believe that each and every older person should have enough money to live without having to struggle and participate fully in society. Without that it’s easy to see how people can feel unhappy, anxious and less connected to the outside world.

You are not alone. Here's some of our top tips to help you manage your money, and ease some of those worries you may be facing.

Remember, if you need help and advice, our Advice Service is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us today on 0808 808 7575.

  1. Speak up: If you’re finding it hard to cope financially, don’t suffer in silence. If you’re aged 65 or over, you could be entitled to benefits that you haven’t been able to claim before. These can help you keep your independence and improve your standard of living. Call Age NI Advice for free information and advice on Freephone 0800 808 7575

  2. Get a benefits check: Contact Age NI for free benefits check – this will help you to find out what benefits you might be entitled to. As well as giving you a benefits check, we can help you fill in any claim forms to maximise your chances of making a successful claim. You can also use our online benefits calculator or download our More money in your pocket guide for more information, tips and advice on claiming benefits.

  3. Help with keeping warm this winter: If you are struggling to keep warm this winter there are measures you can take to help keep your home warm and bills down. You may be eligible for help with the financial costs of implementing these measures and assistance with your heating costs. Call Age NI Advice or click here for more information on benefits you might be entitled to.

  4. Seek help for debt: Anyone can get into debt, for a wide range of reasons. Try to remember that you are not alone and it’s never too early or too late to seek help. Don’t borrow more money to pay off your debts and don’t pay for debt advice. For more information on dealing with debt, click here or contact your local Citizens Advice, National Debtline (tel: 0808 808 4000) or StepChange (tel: 0800 138 1111) for free, impartial advice.

  5. Prioritise debts: ‘Priority bills’ are the ones for which non-payment could lead to serious trouble e.g. if you don’t pay your mortgage, your home could be repossessed; or if you don’t pay your gas or electricity bills, your energy supply could be cut off.  Don’t panic if you’re behind on any of these bills. Contact one of the agencies above for help with prioritising your debts.

  6. Work out a household budget: In the longer term, once you’ve claimed any benefits you may be entitled to, work out a household budget to ensure your outgoings match your income. Review your spending and think carefully about whether there are any non-essential items you could cut out. Be realistic and don’t cut back on essentials like food and heating.  Check the Money Advice Service website for tips on budgeting effectively and managing your money: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/categories/budgeting-and-managing-money.



Last updated: Nov 19 2018

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